WED FEB 21 2018


FUNTIONS (Excerpt)

Drawing functions
Drawing raw data, analytic geometry, object moving and modifications, data import, grid generator (silux script)

Objects, fixpoint, link, link properties, propulsion, actuator, actuator anchoring, damper, helical spring, gear, torsion spring, cable, cable anchoring, cable simulation, motor, sensor, sensor simulation

Model display
Typus, scale, dialog 'display'

Run/stop, force, interactivity, modification

Collision control
Bilateral rules, hardness, absorbtion

Display of results
Create graph, export data, Quicktime™ movies, silux recording

External forces
Gravitation/Laboratory, scale, central gravitation, pertubation, friction

Control system
Manual control, automatic control system (dialog), automatic control system (silux script)

Recording and playback of macros, macro parameters