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Pop-Science Explanation:

silux is a new kind of simulation software for technical and scientific fields. It is meant by "new kind" that very advanced methods of calculation that are fundamentally different from those used by the competition are put to work in silux. silux fundamentally distinguishes itself from other simulation programs through its calculation method and its inner-functionality. It is these differences that give silux a decisive advantage over its competitors in the end. It is this fundamental difference of a new approach that allows silux to calculate and simulate things that could not be calculated with silux competitors.

Number of Parts
The method of the competition expresses itself in the limitation of the models that can be simulated with these programs. It is this mathematical method of the competitor programs that limits both the complexity and the number of parts in a simulation model. All of the models of the competition that have been seen to date have generally 10 to 20 parts.

However silux can simulate hundreds, thousands of parts.

Complexity of the parts
The individual parts can be as complex as you want with silux. In silux, parts can consist of an unlimited number of contours and the individual contours themselves can consist of any combination of arcs and line segments. In silux, curves are incidentally true, geometrically and analytically exact curves and no approximation by line segments only.

The individual contours of a part can also work as gaps or holes in silux. Centers of gravity and moments of inertia are always automatically calculated, no matter how complex the parts are. These values can however also be entered manually by the user.

A comparison to biology
-In the silux programs, the individual objects behave like single-celled creatures. An object is the smallest living entity in silux.
-Each object has a complete set of physical information which allows for the autonomous movement of the object.
-Each object has its own sensors so it can tell what's going on around it. Each object can continually check to see whether or not it has collided with another object and knows how it should behave in this case. Each object has its own memory so that it can "save" such observations and events. silux objects are self-sufficient.
-What the user can do however, and generally does, is specify or change at any time the conditions of the environment in which the single-cells move (friction, collision properties, disturbances, outside forces, etc.) silux is a living organism.

silux is completely interactive. This means that while a silux simulation is running, the user can not only follow and observe the running simulation like a film, but can also intervene into what is happening.

The user can shove or move individual parts and observe the reaction of the system. silux is in this sense a truly living virtual world. And the reaction of the system corresponds to reality. This is not because the user has in any way pre-programmed the appropriate type of reaction for the given case, but rather because silux knows all about mechanical physics and can react completely independently.

Structure Analysis
silux can do more than just simulate. silux is an integrated solution with a completeness that has been unrivalled to date. silux is a complete solution that covers structure analysis and in such a way it is fully integrated into the program.
Additionally, silux's structure analysis does not just deliver individual pictures as is the case in other products that offer an interface to a program with Finite-Elements Method (FEM). In silux, the results of the structure analysis can be observed continually like a film. The structure analysis in silux is then integrated into the whole simulation live and dynamically. This property was, by the way, decisive for silux being awarded the Byte Award at the CEBIT '97 show.

This continuous structure analysis works exactly like the general physical calculations of silux: that is, according to the Finite Differences Method (FDM).

A normal FEM program cannot deliver continuous results like silux can, live and dynamically. In this sense silux has, at least for the foreseeable future, no direct competition to fear. silux is the first program to have these abilities.

silux Script
silux has a universal macro language (silux Script). It is universal because it can be used for many different tasks at the same time:
- Macro language (recording, replay)
- Command language (program execution control)
- Control language, etc.

The silux simulation language completes silux's ability to create very complex models with hundreds and thousands of objects.
Without assistance like silux Script, capabilities in regard to model complexity could often not be taken advantage of at all because models could not be created within a reasonable period of time.


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