SAT APR 21 2018


Multi-Body Dynamic Simulation with silux

silux download free of charge

The breakthrough to bring the physical reality of dynamics onto everyone's computer was the original idea of two physicists.
A decade later the idea was proven to be totally feasible.

7 years ago saw the beginning of the silux adventure with the realization of the product.
In the mean time, the ability of silux to use and master the very demanding Finite Differences Method (FDM) has been largely proven. Only silux can offer a proven package for uncompromising professional use.

We now offer the latest version of silux 2D for free. Download

Why release the silux software free of charge?

1. The true worth of silux cannot be fully experienced with a diminished (demo) version.

2. With silux the user discovers the fun of experiencing, learning, creating and inventing, as well as the understanding of the advantages of the new technology (FDM) used within the program.

3. To dramatically expand the silux user community, in order to establish a broad open dialogue or, better, a partnership on shared experiences and define together what the future could and, indeed, will be in this area.

4. To enable free universal access to this know-how and by so doing, set free the huge creative potential of the peoples around the world.

We wish you an exciting and interesting time with silux, and please do share your experiences and success stories with us.



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